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Express Yourself With a New Piercing

There aren't many problems a new piercing can't solve. Come to The Living Art Studio for professional piercing services. We'll pierce any area on your body, excluding genitals. Our piercers go through extensive training and follow all safety requirements set by the Minnesota Department of Health Codes.

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What can you expect during your visit?

Deciding to get your first piercing is a big moment, and it's natural to feel a little nervous. Fortunately, you're in good hands at our piercing shop. We go above and beyond to make sure:

  • Our tools are clean and sterile
  • Every piercer is fully trained and licensed
  • You understand how to care for your piercing
You're guaranteed to leave our piercing shop in Duluth, MN happier than when you arrived.

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Basic piercings: $50
Eyebrow, Ears (lobes), Cartilage (helix, flat), Nose, Lip(Monroe, Madussa, Philtrum, Labre), Navel

Inner Ear Piercings: $70
Daith, Tragus, Rook, Snug, Conch, Forward Helix(one at a time), Industrial

Nipples: $80

Age Guidelines

5+ for Lobes
15+ for Basic and Inner Ear
18+ for Nipples

What to bring with you:

  • State issued birth certificate 
  • Legal guardian present and both will need a photo ID. A passport, drivers permit or school ID’s work.