Our pricing for tattoos varies from artist to artist. Some of our artists charge by the hour, while others prefer to settle upon a flat rate up front. Things we consider when estimating the cost of a tattoo include, but are not limited to:

  • placement of the tattoo on the body
  • details in the composition of the image
  • color or black and grey work
  • necessary considerations for cover up tattoos
  • size of the piece
  • likelihood of potential touch up work
  • experience of the client, time of the appointment
  • style of the desired tattoo, etc.
On average however, our rates at the studio typically fall between $125. - $150. per hour, promotions and special event rates (such as conventions), notwithstanding.


The artists at Living Art DO NOT charge for the time it takes to draw a tattoo design. Deposits are deductible from the overall cost of the tattoo. The time required to prep for a given tattoo can vary from several minutes to several hours, depending on size and a lot of other factors. We DO, however, ask that the client submit a draw deposit prior to us getting started on a drawing. This protects our artists from spending a lot of unnecessary time in drawing up a tattoo and then having a client flake out or back out from getting tattooed, due to not being invested after initiating the process, with nothing to show for our hard work. Draw deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, but show us that someone is committed to actually getting a piece done here at the studio. The cost of a draw deposit varies from artist to artist, but generally falls between $50. - $100. And, again, deposits are deducted from the overall cost of the piece. Also, we are able to take deposits over the phone.


We accept cash, all major credit cards and gold bullion in any form. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks at the shop.


We do sell gift certificates and honor gift certificates purchased online, such as on Seize the Deal and other promotional websites. Keep an eye out around the holidays for special gift certificate promotions and giveaways.


The best way to schedule an appointment is call or stop by the studio, at your convenience, located at 724 East Superior Street, 218.722.4644. However, we are pretty quick to respond to emails or Facebook messages as well! This usually works better for clients coming in from out of town.


Upon getting tattooed, your artist and you will go over the SPECIFIC aftercare procedures, so that the tattoo heals properly and minimizes the risk of infection or loss to its compositional integrity in any way. EACH OF OUR ARTISTS HAVE THEIR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS when it comes to the aftercare of a tattoo created by them!


  • Generously lotion your new tattoo frequently throughout the days and weeks after the procedure, usually starting after DAY TWO, taking time to work it into the skin with each application, and using only NON-FRAGRANCED lotion
  • Call or stop by the studio with ANY questions or concerns about your new tattoo
  • Refrain from fully submerging the new work in water or any other fluid for the first week or two, such as getting into a hot tub, pool, bathtub, going tubing, to a waterpark, etc. Showering is perfectly ok, however
  • Keep your tattoo clean and covered if conducting any activities that could potentially contaminate or soil the piece with any substances that you wouldn't want being introduced into an open wound or cut
  • Let the body heal naturally and give it the time, attention and patience it requires to do so


  • Use any ointments or substrates not recommended by your artist on your new tattoo, such as Neosporin, triple antibiotic, or medicated lotions or creams that could potentially expedite the healing process and expel any inks or pigments introduced by your artist during the tattoo procedure. We want the new skin to heal over the top of your art!
  • Refrain from fully submerging the new work in water or any other fluid for the first week or two, such as getting into a hot tub, pool, bathtub, going tubing, to a waterpark, et cetera. Showering is perfectly ok, however
  • Do not pick or scratch at your new tattoo, especially if any scabs develop, even if it itches. This is pretty typical and is a normal part of the healing process
  • Do NOT ask your friends or family how to take care of your new tattoo. If you have a question, give us a call!

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